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Plumbing FAQ

Q: One of my taps has a very low water supply. What could be causing this?

This could be caused by a problem with the tap’s aerator or a leak somewhere along its pipeline. If you cannot fix the problem by cleaning the aerator, you may be dealing with a bigger issue.

Q: How do I shut off the water to the entire house?

Look for the main valve to your house. Quite often this can be found close to the water heater. Then, just turn it clockwise until it stops. There will be residual water in the pipes if you run a tap but it will clear out with use.

Q: Should I shut off water to my outside taps for winter?

Yes. Leaving outside water on during winter can expose your plumbing to freezing conditions. Never leave your hose attached. Disconnect it, shut off the inside valve and then open the outside tap to drain it.

Q: Why does my outside tap leak when a hose is attached?

This is common occurrence, especially during the summer. Exterior taps have a small attachment called a vacuum breaker. This is there to protect your drinking water from getting contaminated with unpotable products like liquid fertilizers. The your lose is lying in the sun full of water, it expands and creates a higher pressure at the vacuum breaker, causing it to discharge. Always close the outside tap and remove your hose when not in use. Do not leave water turned on with a hose connected and a spray gun attached; this can damage the vacuum breaker and require replacement.

Q: My heating isn't working?

The simplest mistake with heating is to assume the thermostat is turned on. Check that the On/Off switch is in the 'On' position. Then, check the temperature setting. If your thermostat is set to 70F and the room is 70F, your thermostat will be satisfied and your heating will be off. Simply turn the temperature setting higher than the actual room temperature. If your problems continue, call us for help.