Why a Gas Fireplace?

Forget matches and lighters! Well…maybe hang onto them for your candles and your barbecue. But you won't need them to light your beautiful, expertly-installed gas fireplace.

With state-of-the-art electronic ignition and battery powered backup in case of a power outage, your fire will always start. Your fireplace can use room air for combustion, or outside air with balanced flue products.

Existing wood fireplaces can be retrofitted with one of our elegant designs, filling your room with warmth and light without the wood mess or smoky smell. In new or renovated homes, the selection is even broader.

Have a look at our linear, see-through and peninsula fireplaces – the ultimate pairing of style and function. Compliment your new gas fireplace with a custom finish in tile, rock or brick in whatever look you imagine.

Browse our catalogue pages to find a fireplace that suits your space. Or better yet, visit our showroom to see some of our best selling models in real life.