We know boilers and hydronic heating. And, we love to replace old clunkers!

We supply and install everything from natural gas and propane units to electric boilers and air to water heat pumps. We have the technical knowledge and skills to provide the best heating you’ve ever experienced.

Each system we install is custom designed for your application.


When it comes to forced air systems we proudly represent Rheem furnaces.

Rheem furnaces are high efficiency workhorses that deliver the best in comfort and offer a solid manufacture’s warranty.

Our furnace systems come in options of single stage, 2 stage variable speed and fully modulating. Other options include electronic air filtering and humidification.

Combine your system with an Econet wireless connection for remote thermostat access and control.

Rebates may be available for furnace conversion from oil to natural gas. Check with the FortisBC site for the latest programs available.

Water Heaters

Humans have been heating water for thousands of years with a variety of energy sources. There’s no more struggle now; thanks to the flick of a button or the opening of a faucet, we can have efficiently heated endless hot water.

There are many methods of heating hot water, from electric to heat pump and solar to gas. We can help you determine the method that suits you best. On-demand water heaters are fabulous for families that use a lot of hot water – we all know how much water teenagers can use. But if you have a boiler system, your water can be heated efficiently from the boiler into a tank (which has no moving parts) that will last a lifetime.

Of course, we can also happily replace your existing, leaking water heater.

  • Noritz & Rinnai on Demand

    On demand water heaters only start heating water when you open a faucet.

    There is no storage and no standing pilot so you do not waste any energy. Once the water is running hot, they can provide hot water constantly until the faucet is turned off. Go away on vacation for 6 months, and when you return it will still be running hot!

    Come visit our showroom where we have an operating Rinnai display unit. We highly recommend Rinnai on demand water heaters. They are the most reliable units on the market with the best warranty (5 years parts and labour and 12 years for the heat exchanger).

  • Rheem Marathon

    Rheem Marathon electric water heaters are the most efficient way of heating your water electrically. The tanks are extremely well insulated, even on the base. They come with a lifetime warranty for leakage. If you have an electric water heater you are considering replacing, consider the Marathon heater, especially if you do not have a drain in the existing water heater location. You will install it once, and never need to replace it again. Another advantage is that you can upgrade from a 40 gallon tank to a 50 gallon tank without having to change any wiring or the breaker in your electrical panel. The 3800 watt element still works on a standard 20 amp breaker. If you have ever replaced an electric water heater in the past, you will know what a great deal this is.

  • IBC

    The IBC indirect water heaters are made of high quality stainless steel and will last a lifetime. They are used in conjunction with either (or in combination with) boiler, thermal solar heating, solid fuel (like a wood stove with a built in water coil) or heat pump. The tanks come in a variety of sizes and can heat your water efficiently.